Welcome to cPaths Executive Search

We are a US-based retained boutique executive search firm with offices in Chicago and Boston, specializing in the areas of General Management, Sales, Marketing, and Operational Management positions.

We primarily serve two groups of clients who are in a different stage of their growth in the US:

Canadian companies that have already established a significant presence in the U.S.

These companies might be acquiring other firms to speed up their growth. Typically for this group of clients, we conduct C-level and Director level searches.

Canadian companies who are investing significantly in expanding & building a team in the U.S.

Typically for this group, we conduct general management and mid management searches in the field of sales, marketing, and operations.

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CPATHS partners with St. Amour Recruitment Agency in Montreal and Toronto along with Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. in Vancouver to provide you with the highest level of service.