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At CPATHS, we hire for the organization, not for the job. CPATHS is a Chicago based retained executive search firm specializing in working for the subsidiaries of Canadian companies. We focus in General Management, Sales, Marketing, and Operational Management positions and we work throughout North America.

We know how challenging it is to recruit top talent, especially when there are cultural differences; the company is just setting operations in the United States, and the candidates will very often report to someone in another country. We also work for Canadian firms that are already established in the US but still need to find the right fit to interact and report to the head office. CPATHS brings unique expertise in international job recruitment and an ability to identify local talent with the appropriate profile and experience to succeed in this type of environment.

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Meet Our Team

Canadian American

HR and General Management experience in manufacturing, retail and services prior to recruiting executives

Doug Seville


French-American – Speaks French, English and Spanish

Marketing management experience prior to recruiting executives in Argentina then in the US

Myriam Le Cannellier


Speaks French, English and Wolof

Hospitality operations, event management and consulting both in the UK and US

Nova Diop

Business Development & Management, Boston

Speaks German, French, English and Dutch

Customer Service experience prior to recruiting executives

Ricarda Osipow

Project Consultant

Speaks English, Spanish and Russian

Health Services and Customer Service background

Vera Krutsina

Project Consultant

Speaks French, English and Russian

Nonprofit and Cross Cultural Communication background

Aurelia Chaudagne

Project Consultant

Speaks English and Italian

Customer Service and Travel Industry background

Audra Kachonik

Project Consultant

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