Our Approach

At CPATHS, we are committed to listening, understanding and thus, learning, both from our clients and the candidates we interact with. Our partners take personal care of every step of the search process: it is therefore easy for both our clients and the candidates we interact with to generate trust and to avoid miscommunication.

Our approach and methodology are:

Accessible & Flexible

  • At the beginning of each search, we define the team who is going to work for you.
  • We adjust our search methodology to each company needs: we generally do a mix of online search, networking and identification of candidates from companies in specific fields and industries.
  • We pre-screen candidates over the phone, evaluate them in person or use video interviewing platforms


  • For most of our international job searches, both Directors work together to ensure candidates are evaluated through different cultural lenses.
  • We have multiple interactions with the candidates (over the phone, by email and in person), striving to capture valuable information about them, often through details along the entire process.
  • We personally check candidate’s references, criminal, educational and financial background checks for our clients


  • Due to the nature of our activity, we do not specialize in any particular industry (i.e: consumer goods, energy, manufacturing) neither in any function (i.e: general management, finance, marketing or sales), but we rather approach every assignment with a fresh mind and a humble perspective.
  • We ask questions to better understand the key skills and requirements for a successful candidate, often going beyond the initial job description. We explore different avenues to source the industry leaders or passive candidates.


  • We love our niche because it is a challenging one. Our work with international clients often requires us to “educate” both clients and candidates, to help them understand each other’s specific cultural traits. In doing so we go well beyond merely identifying technical expertise, personality and cultural fit.
  • Some of our clients are not yet established in the US: we become ambassadors as we approach potential candidates and play a significant role in advocating for our clients’ businesses.

CPATHS partners with St. Amour Recruitment Agency in Montreal and Toronto along with Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. in Vancouver to provide you with the highest level of service.